Reknowned the world over, Cromer Crab is a true delicacy not to be missed!

Cromer Crab

Crab are a large part of the income of the town of Cromer. Historically the crab were only caught in the summer months, in autumn the fishermen brought Herring to the town, and winter cod was the main catch. This has now changed to solely bringing crab and lobster to the town.


The Cromer Crab in particular are known for their tender flesh, and high proportion of white meat to dark. The fleet has reduced to about a dozen boats, looking after about 200 crab pots, meaning that it is even more of a specialty!


Every year, Cromer hosts the famous Crab Festival – dedicated to promoting our local seafaring heritage and active fishing community. Our small boats launch from the beach and brave the North sea in all weathers to bring home delicious crabs and lobsters for your delectation!



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